Display Case Policy

  1. The Bellingham Library has one display case located near the exit of the library that is available to the community for display. The display has 5 glass shelves.
  2. The Library display case is available to organizations and individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities of interest to the Bellingham community. Proposed displays must be within the public interest and consistent with the role of Bellingham Library.
  3. Access to all groups will be on an equitable basis.
  4. Displays do not reflect endorsement or advocacy for any particular point of view by the library. The views expressed implicitly in any displays are those of the parties using the space.
  5. The display case is not available for commercial use or benefit.
  6. Requests for use of the display case are made by completing the Bellingham Library Display Case Form. Final approval of the actual display along with schedule confirmation will be available after review by the Director.
  7. The Library reserves the right to limit the frequency and length of all displays. The standard time for displays is one month. Displayers are required to assemble their display before the 5th of each month and are required to pick up their display between the 25th and the last day of the month, during regular library hours. The library will remove any display that is not retrieved by its owner from the case in time for the next display.
  8. Library use of display space takes precedence in scheduling.The Library is not responsible for possible damage or theft of any item displayed in the case. All items placed in the Library display case are done so at the owner’s risk and the indemnity included in the application form must be signed.
  9. The Bellingham Library Board of Trustees has the final decision on the interpretation of the above paragraphs.