No Snowmobiling on Town Property



This will confirm and remind others that there is no snowmobiling on any Town owned property or waterways per the Town By-Law of Article 16.02. Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions.
Also, per the State of Massachusetts, the state owned and regulated land and waterways of the Charles River are Closed to Snowmobiles in Bellingham.
The following is a quote of the Town By-Law Article 16.02:
Article 16.02. Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions
No person shall use or operate a motorized off-road vehicle, including, but not limited to, mini-bikes,all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), snowmobiles, or similar motorized vehicle which is eligible for registration under MGL Chapter 90B or any vehicle as described in MGL Chapter 90B section 20, on any Town owned property, except public roads and streets, or private property, without prior written consent of the Town authority or landowner having the responsibility for the management of such property. Any such consent shall be temporary in nature, shall specify the period of time during which it is in force, and shall be subject to the prohibitions, restrictions, and requirements of all Massachusetts General Laws, including, without limitation, MGL Chapter 90B section 26.
If there are any questions or comments on this matter, please have them forwarded to William L. Roberts, Parks Commissioner in Bellingham, on the Town website "Send Us Comments" or direct to William L. Roberts.