About the Planning Board

The Planning Board’s primary responsibilities are to administer the Subdivision Control Law pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41 and to issue certain special permits and site plan approval under the Town of Bellingham Zoning Bylaws in order to ensure the public safety, interest and welfare of the residents of the Town.  State and local laws and regulations governing procedures for these approvals are MGL Chapter 40A (the Zoning Act); MGL Chapter 41, Sections 81K - 81GG (the Subdivision Control Law); Bellingham Subdivision Regulations and Zoning Bylaws. 

The Board conducts meetings and public hearings in compliance with Town of Bellingham Charter to review and consider Preliminary and Definitive Subdivision plans, Development plans, Site plans, and Special Permits.

The Planning Board also considers and prepares amendments to the Town of Bellingham Zoning Bylaws and the Town of Bellingham Subdivision Regulations.  The Board conducts public hearings on amendments created by the Board and on zoning amendments that are submitted to the Board by way of citizen petition or by landowners or other town boards through the proper procedures for submitting to Town Meeting.

Information on projects and public hearings, including plans, traffic reports, stormwater management studies, and peer reviews, is considered public information is available for viewing by the public at the Planning Department, at the Town Clerk's office, or on the Planning Board webpage at the Proposed Projects link. The Planning Departments’ staff is also available to answer questions by phone or email.