Program Room

The Program Room is available for reservation for group meetings and programs for up to 25 people.  WiFi access is available. The room must be reserved by a person over 18 and that person must be one of the participants. The room is free for community, town and 501c3 nonprofit groups, but there are fees for other nonprofits and for profit organizations. There are also fees for using the room outside of library hours. The fee schedule is linked in the online reservation form.

For more information on the room and its use policy, click here. In order to insure equal access to the room to all community groups, the library limits room reservations to 4 reservations in the upcoming 8 week period.

Patrons can reserve library meeting rooms online. Click here to submit an online room request form.

  1.  Your request is not valid until you have received an email confirmation that the request has been accepted.
  2. You are responsible for understanding the Program Room Use Rules & Regulations. Please download a copy for your files. Reservations are allowed for the room only 60 days in advance from the date of the request.
  3. The Bellingham Public Library does not allow or permit the use of latex gloves or latex balloons.
  4. Please see the library Food & Drink Policy for food and beverage guidelines for this room.  The Food & Drink Policy is posted in the room.
  5. Food and drink is allowed in the room, but all trash must be removed from the room and the room must be left in good condition when vacated. It is the responsibility of the person signing out the room to make sure it is in good condition before leaving.