What is a Stormwater Utility?

In 2019, Bellingham Town Meeting adopted a stormwater utility. This utility is a charge to all property owners to fund the stormwater management services of the Town. The fee varies depending on property use and impervious surface, These Federally mandated services consist  of :

Transfer, control, conveyance or movement of Stormwater runoff through the Town;

· Maintenance, repair and replacement of existing Stormwater Management Systems and Facilities;

· Planning, development, design and construction of new, expanded or upgraded Stormwater Management Systems and Facilities to meet current and anticipated needs or to reduce the discharge of Stormwater pollutants to wetlands or waterways, ensure that the rate or volume of runoff discharged to wetlands or waterways approximates pre-development hydrology, or prevent or remediate flood damage;

· Regulation of the use of stormwater management services, systems and facilities on public or private properties in Bellingham; or

· Compliance with applicable state and federal stormwater management regulations and permit requirements.

Why is There a New Charge on My Bill?