Dog Licenses

Dog Licensing Requirements
  • All dogs in the Town of Bellingham require a license. Four dogs are permitted per household.
  • More than four dogs will necessitate applying for a Kennel license.
  • Licenses may be obtained from the Town Clerks’ Office during regular business hours.
  • A current Rabies Certificate must be presented before a license can be issued.


To license by mail, a copy of current rabies certificate must be attached and a check for the correct amount to include $20 late fee per dog as of July 1st, payable to the Town of Bellingham.
Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Bellingham Municipal Center
Town Clerks Office
10 Mechanic St.
Bellingham, MA 02019
Please note registrations will not be processed and checks will be returned if rabies certificates are not attached.
Fees: The license for a spayed or neutered dog shall be $15 annually and $20 annually of non-spayed or non-neutered dogs.
  • As of July 1st a $20 late fee per dog will be charged.
  • Any person housing a dog or dogs in the Town of Bellingham who fails to license shall pay a late fee beginning July 1. Citation fees shall be charged in accordance with M.G.L. Ch. 140 Section 173A which requires a fee of $50 as of August 1st, $60 if not paid within 21 days and $100 if still not paid after 21 days. All payments are cumulative.

Loss of a Pet or Moving Out of Bellingham

In the event your beloved pet passes away or you move out of Town, please notify the Town Clerks office so that we may remove your information from our system as not to incur fees.

Town Clerks Office: 1-508-657-2830
Monday: 8:30 to 7:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 8:30 to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30 to 1:00pm