Staff Picks on Pinterest!

Staff Picks on Pinterest!

Our staff reads a wide variety of books. The genre that each staff person tends to read is listed below. Please click on the link to the staff person’s name to go to their Pinterest Board on the Library Pinterest Page!

Bernadette is the Library Director. She likes to read biographies and non-fiction of people who are not famous that do extraordinary or unusual things. She also loves classic fiction and 30’s and 40’s film noir.

Steve is the library’s Youth Services Librarian. His favorite genres are adult non-fiction (particularly politics, history, sports and inspirational) and children’s fiction.

Cecily is the library’s Reference Librarian. She tends to read fiction, especially historical fiction and books set in other countries.

Amanda is the Young Adult Librarian. She reads a lot of young adult fiction, especially series.

Anne is a Library Technician. She primarily reads popular fiction. She is in a book club and reads a variety of non-fiction as well.

Barbara is a Library Technician. She enjoys primarily fiction, especially mysteries and thrillers. She also belongs to a book club with a variety of book genre.

Renee is a Library Assistant. She reads mostly adult fiction and non-fiction, but she will read almost anything that looks interesting.

Carol works in Accounts Payable and is a Library Assistant. She prefers light, upbeat fiction, but has been pleasantly surprised by some recommended non-fiction. She will occasionally read non-fiction that piques her interest.

Pat is a Library Assistant. She primarily likes to read fiction, especially mysteries and romantic suspense.

Jane is a Library Assistant. She enjoys reading historical fiction, British mysteries, as well as non-fiction adventure and travel.

Diane is a Library Assistant. She enjoys literary and historical fiction, especially books set in New England. She also loves thrillers and memoirs.

Heidi is a Library Assistant. She enjoys reading fiction, especially historical romance. She also likes to read non-fiction and young adult literature.