ComputersIn addition to free WiFi (Wireless Internet Access), the library has Internet accessible computers for use by library visitors. The computers are managed by Userful, which allows library card holders with accounts in good standing to self logon. Patrons without library cards, or who owe more than $10.00 on their library account, must get staff assistance to use the public Internet computers. Patrons are limited to 2 one hour sessions per day.

All users of library computers must agree to the Bellingham Public Library Internet Access Policy when signing on to the computer.

The Userful Desktop includes a multitude of applications in many languages. Surf the web, catch up on work, or just play games. There’s even a large print option for those with vision impairment.

Using the Linux operating system, the system offers the Firefox Internet Browser, and Open Office, a Microsoft compatible program for word processing spreadsheet, presentation and other work. The system also includes GIMP, a photo editing program; a resume template and Instant Messenger programs.

The computers automatically delete all files created by the user on logout. Patrons MUST save their files on a flash drive to retain them for future use. Files used only during the session to email or save online can be saved to the desktop. You cannot save to a CD or floppy disk.

All library word processing computers and Internet computers are connected to a copier/printer that prints in both black and white and in color. Black & White printing is 15 cents a page, color printing is 50 cents per page.

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