Cape Seal Roadway Treatment


The street resurfacing program in Bellingham this year includes a surfacing method called “Cape seal.” This treatment will begin to be placed on your roadway in the coming days.

            A complete Cape seal application is done in several steps. First, your street will receive a full width coating of chip seal material. The chip seal leaves a surface that can be driven on and is rougher than standard asphalt. It will have some small loose angular stones so please drive slowly. The treatment can be driven on almost immediately. No road closures are anticipated, and driveway access will not be restricted for more than a few minutes. This is scheduled for 5/14/24 to 5/15/24 weather permitting.

            It is anticipated that on 5/22/24 to 5/23/24, the Cape Seal roads will receive a micro surface coating. The finished micro surfaced road will be very similar to a standard paved surface. The “Cape seal” term describes the complete multi-layer treatment and is used to extend the life of the road.

            On-street parking will be prohibited during both phases of this construction. You will be given as much access as the work allows and the DPW will do their best to minimize any inconvenience.

            We would also ask that you refrain from watering your lawn on the days listed. If the pavement is wet the treatments will take longer to set and will delay road opening.

            Please note that work schedules are often altered by unforeseen events such as scheduling conflicts with other utility work and weather which may result in delaying the chip seal and micro surfacing.  We will do our best to keep you informed.

            If you have any questions or concerns please call the town at 508 966 5813 or send an email to  If you leave a message someone will return your call. 



  • BELLSTONE DR                  Length 2125’           Limits  Cul de sac
  • DAVID ROAD                      Length 2,669           Limits MECHANIC ST to MECHANIC ST
  • JOYCE LANE                        Length 765              Limits  Cul de sac                 
  • PARTRIDGE TRAIL              Length  628             Limits Cul de sac                 
  • PHEASANT HILL ROAD      Length  1,238         Limits Cul de sac                 
  • PEARL STREET                     Length 670             Limits CUTLER to FRANKLIN TL
  • PROSPECT ST                      Length  728            Limits WESTMINISTER ST to LINWOOD AVE
  • SADDLEBACK HILL ROAD  Length  1,338         Limits Cul de sac                 
  • WALTER MORSE ROAD    Length  888             Limits HIXON ST to R. BELANGER DR