Hydrant Flushing - Week of April 1st

Hydrant Flushing

The Water Main Flushing crew will be in the following areas for the next few days:

Hydrant Flushing (Week of 4/15/24)

  • Hartford Ave
  • Off of Hartford Ave (near Stallbrook School)
  • Carryville Crossing
  • Beechwood Rd
  • Farm St
  • Twinbrook Lane
  • Chase St


During the flushing customers may experience short period or water discoloration or low water pressure.  This is normal, and both conditions should clear up within a few hours. 

If you lose all water pressure or experience prolonged discoloration, please call the DPW at 508-966-5813.

We recommend that you check your water before doing any laundry.  If rust stains appear on washed clothing, special rust removing detergent can be obtained free of charge from the Town Clerks and DPW office. 

Please do not try to bleach out iron stains.  Bleach will set the stain and ruin the fabric.

We plan to list streets that will be flushed that week on the Town News section of the Bellingham website at www.Bellinghamma.org; however, we are changing to tablet based flushing and may take a while to work out the bugs of news posting.