Online Transactions


Online Bill Payments
For Excise, Real Estate and Utility Bill Payments, you will be redirected to the Unibank online payment website.  Currently, only current fiscal year tax information is available for payment online. For payment on outstanding prior tax years, please contact (508) 657-2848 for assistance.  Please note that utility payments do not update balance online, please call for updated balance.  For Billtrust online payments, autopay payments are scheduled at the time of bill creation, not the bill date or due date.  In order for an autopay to generate, the bill has to be below the authorized threshold at the time of bill generation and does not retrofit for said invoice, but moves forward for a future invoice. If a change is made after a bill is created - a manual payment is needed to complete the payment transaction. 

Past Due Excise Bill Payments
A Notice of Warrant will be issued for MV Excise tax bill not paid within prior 2 billing cycles.  All Past Due Excise Bill Payments will be redirected to the Kelly and Ryan online payment website

Beach Parking Pass Info                                                     2023 Rates


Day Pass $7 (Plus Online Transaction Fee)
Residential Season Pass $10 (Plus Online Transaction Fee)
Non Residential Season Pass $60 (Plus Online Transaction Fee)

Follow the link on the left to purchase a Beach Parking Pass.  Upon completion of payment you will be given a link to download your pass.  This is the only pass you will need to park at the beaches.
If you didn’t receive your Beach Parking Permit by email, go to 
Enter your name, address & select Application Type Click on green SEARCH button Under Parking Pass Number, click on the 8 digit permit number 
Your pass will show and you can print it by clicking the green PRINT button on the bottom.

We urge everyone to purchase a pass online.  Passes will be available for purchase at the DPW during limited hours:  Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm only. Due to the availability of online purchases, no exceptions will be made.  

Seasonal passes will have the car registration number (plate number) recorded on them.  The gate personnel will compare your license plate to the number marked on your pass.  If they do not match, access to the parking lot will be denied.  You cannot use your pass in a different car.  You should print the pass and display it in your front window while in the parking lot.  Be sure to save the pass.   One pass per vehicle.  Multi car families will need to purchase multiple passes.  Passes for nannies, babysitters and caregivers will be required for each vehicle.  Discounted and group passes are not available.

You only need to purchase a pass if you intend to park; parking along the street or in the nearby cemetery is prohibited and violators will be fined. 

Day Pass
A day pass allows access to the beach parking lot for one day only.  During the application process, You will be able to enter the date you are going to the beach; this date will be the expiration date.   

Access from your phone
You can save the beach parking pass to your phone to show at the gate. 

The beaches may be closed at any time, no refunds will be given.   Every effort will be made to inform the public in advance, however there are occasions that it is not possible.  Please view the Town website and the DPW Facebook page for updates.